Collateral Products

Collateral Products – Combine Them To Tell People Who You Are!

When you go on vacation, you normally buy a souvenir or take free memorabilia from the places that you visit because it helps you to remember your experience. It also helps you remember visual representations, such as logos. When people do business with you, they also like to have visuals to remember you by. This is where collateral marketing comes into the picture. Marketeer Choice provides a great service through which we can create collateral marketing products to supplement your advertising plan.

Why consider Collateral Products?

Collateral products are great because they supplement your current marketing plan and this comes in many forms. These marketing wonders can be as small as a pencil with your company’s logo or a success story that is put together from a positive experience that you had with a pleased customer. Collateral marketing is important because it drives attention to your brand even when you are not physically around. In other words, your company continues to market itself.

What can Marketeer Choice do for my collateral marketing?

Marketeer Choice can make sure you have the collateral products you need to keep your customers thinking about you. We can provide:

• Customized business cards or brochures for your business
• Newsletter promotions
• Logo planning and designing
• Positive marketing scripts such as success stories and testimonials

We can also take any ideas that you have for collateral marketing and implement them as part of an overall plan. Marketeer Choice will work with you to make sure your collateral marketing plan is ready for the market.