Push Notifications

Push Notifications – PUSH Your Message To Your Customers!

Sometimes emails and other forms of advertising do not reach the customer in a timely manner. What if you could virtually hand deliver a special promotion or coupon for your business directly to your customer? Push notifications allow you to do just that. People that download your mobile application on the iPhone, iPad, or Android devices can then receive messages sent directly by you, which creates a relationship with the customer because they are receiving the message directly from the company. Marketeer Choice can help you get your advertising in front of your customers with this great technology.


Do Push Notifications work?

Push notifications have been proven to be effective to businesses that put them to use. You also have the freedom to determine who you send the notifications to and when. You can send messages to everyone with your app, or target people in certain areas who are likely to do business with you. The messages pop up instantly on the customer’s phone – therefore, it is literally delivered into their hands! If thousands of people download your mobile app to their devices, thousands of people will get your notifications. That should be music to your ears!

I need to get in front of my customers now!

One of the best ways to enhance your mobile marketing is through push notifications. Marketeer Choice can help you set this service up along with your mobile application. Together, you now have a mobile marketing machine that will raise your revenues and lift your business to the next level. If you are ready for more business, let Marketeer Choice help you get it!