Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing – Is your strategy strong?

You want more customers, and you want to know how to reach them. Most consumers carry mobile devices to communicate and to get information. Therefore, the answer to getting more customers is to reach them through their mobile gadgets. Your marketing plan must include a mobile component because if it doesn’t then your company will be missing out on a large consumer base that can be the difference between your business sinking or swimming. Marketeer Choice has mobile marketing solutions that will help get you in front of the people that matter – your customers.

How does Mobile Marketing work?

Mobile marketing is highly effective because your message literally reaches your customers’ hands. You can send coupons in the form of Push Notification, Pull Notification, SMS messages, or text messages, that are retained and redeemed at a rate that is many times higher than traditional print coupons. Receivers also have the option to opt-in to your marketing or not get it at all, which gives them an element of freedom. When consumers look forward to getting advertising from you, the conversion rate rises with every blast that you send out. Mobile marketing is a quick way to promote your company’s products and is one of the fastest growing tools in the marketing industry.

You have to reach your consumers – they are waiting

People like getting text messages. What would get a customer more excited than receiving a coupon from the business that provides them with one of their favorite products or services? This is the excitement that you have to create, and mobile marketing is the way to do it. Marketeer Choice has the cutting edge technology and experience to help you design content and promotions to get your customers running to you, and we have the tools to implement it. All it takes is the decision to take your company to the next level. You can leave the rest to us.
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