TV and Radio

TV and Radio – Be Seen and Heard!

The world has gravitated to the internet because of its ease of use and popularity. However, everyone still watches television, and when they are driving they still listen to the radio. Therefore, you must continue to advertise on these mediums. Marketeer Choice has a technical team that is capable of providing video and radio products of any level of complexity, and we will deliver these products on time and with consideration of your budget.

Get your business on the Tube

Television is more expensive than other forms of media advertising but it is well worth it because it is the easiest way to reach the consumer. Why? It is because the consumer does not have to do anything to receive the message. They only have to sit in front of the television and it is delivered to them. Television advertising has a large coverage area so marketing can be targeted to the segments that use your product or services. The time at which your advertising is delivered can also be controlled. This is why television advertising should be a part of your marketing plan.

Send your company over the airwaves

Radio advertising also makes it easy for the consumer to receive your messages and it is easy for you as well because of the cost. Radio goes places where televisions can’t always reach, such as a automobile or store. It may not present a visual image but it has an audible message, and this type of message can be easily processed by listeners. As a marketer, you have the freedom to be creative in radio advertising and it forces you to find innovative ways to get the customer thinking about your business and to keep them captivated until they hear the next commercial. Bright ideas combined with quality production results in great radio advertising, and Marketeer Choice has a team that excels in this form of marketing.

Marketeer Choice has your solution

Whether it is television media or radio advertising, or both, Marketeer Choice can provide the service that you need. We can provide:

• Video commercial production and presentation films
• Radio commercial and program production
• Internet-friendly video production
• “Jingle” preparation for radio
• Graphics and Animation
• Placement of Video Advertising on Television
• Placement of Radio ads on appropriate mediums

Whatever you need, Marketeer Choice can deliver it. Contact us today to get started.