Put it in Print!

Some people like to get their information from the internet, television and radio. However, others still prefer to refer to printed materials when researching and choosing products or services. Printed material is still very widespread as we continue to see newspapers, magazines, brochures, and other forms of print all around us. Your marketing plan may use electronic forms of media but Marketeer Choice recommends that you keep printed materials in your strategy.

Printed materials are critical

Companies that think that they can get away with a completely “print less” marketing plan will miss out on the consumers that still use that form of marketing. Calendars, postcards, business cards, envelopes, letterheads, and other printed materials are usually cheaper than video and radio advertising. These materials can also be used as a primary marketing strategy for companies that do not want to move to electronic media as a primary channel just yet.

Let Marketeer Choice be your Print Material source

Marketeer Choice can handle any and every print job that you may need. We have an advantage over other printers because we not only print your visual ideas but we can also help you create a vision for your advertising, and then lay out the path to bring your printed materials into existence. We are your one stop shop!

• Business cards
• Folders and notebook
• Posters, flyers, and booklets
• Brochures and catalogs
• Business forms and package design
• Price tags

When you’re ready for print, contact Marketeer Choice because we will deliver!